About Us

We believe that efficiency is the main ingredient for progress. We assist our customers realise their needs and focus towards achieving their goals.

Cosmic Consultancy Singapore

Who We Are

Cosmic is Singapore’s leading source of SAP ERP and application development.


We believe that creativity is the main ingredient for progress, we assist you realise your needs and focus towards achieving your goals.


In short, we make things happen for you!

What We Do

We engage Industrial experts and technology enthusiasts at all levels, utilize their skills to provide expert solutions exclusively for you.  


We have successfully implemented projects both in public and private sectors across Asia and Europe.


We provide solutions for you to keep up and stay ahead in the technological field that is demanded by the market.

Why choose us Cosmic Consultancy Singapore
Cosmic Consultancy our beliefs

Our Belief

To emphasize rapid innovations & provide holistic approaches to your problems that drives you to reach your business goals.

Why Choose Us?

As we understand the frantic pace of the ever-changing digital world, we know what lies ahead and what it takes to stay, thereby we guide you through technical sophistication in a friendly manner.


We develop customized software and high usability interfaces to suit your needs through which we will help you to achieve your targets and stay ahead of your competitors.

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